Toenail Eating

Toenail Domination and Foot Femdom

Cutting tonails

This one is very great! A girl is cutting her toenails in the class. Its a pitty that you don’t get a look on her feet and toes but instead of that you can see her laughing and clipping with full joy…

is toenail eating dangerous ?

To answer the question if eating toenails is dangerous we first have to take a look on the properties of toenails.
They consist of horn and death skin-cells, and those include Ceratine. This consists nothing healthy and nothing dangerous. But it could be dangerous to eat them anyway if you think about those sharp and acuate edges of a toenail. They could damage your innerstomach.

Toenail – Slave

Mistress Harper has a slave for every situation! She even has one who’s job is it to just swallow her clipped toenails. In this Clip you can see her sitting on her slaves chest. She introduces him in his following duties, then she takes off her sexy white gym socks and starts to cut her toenails. Each cutted nail is put into her slaves mouth. She smiles and laughs as he is eating all her dirty toenails one by one – but it also seems to be common for her…

Toenail Eating Clip – Click here

Toenail Eating

Welcome to this blog. It is dedicated to all of you who are into eating a mistress’ toenails. Its definitely a new and rare theme but also interesting. Many women are already practicing nail-feeding on their male subs. And I will try to find more material for you to fix it right here in my blog.
I welcome again everybody who is interested in sharing my founds.