Toenail Eating

Toenail Domination and Foot Femdom

Feeding with Toenails

Totaly humiliated by a slave girl!

This loser is the slave of a slave girl and she forced him to swallow and eat her toenails!

Eat Toenails Loser

Forced to eat dirty toenails

Now Tina forced her slave to eat her dirty toenails of her sweaty female feet. Mistress Tina is a gothic girl with sweaty feet and enjoys to humiliate losers like him. The slave hasnt another option – he is captured under the office table and Tina is ready to give him her dirty toenails.

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Eat Jennys toenails

Hot Jenny has somethink special for you. She just cutting her toenails today and she forced you to eat her toenails.

She dont need the toenails any more so do you can swallow them.

Are you ready toenail eater ?

Then take a look at Foot Girl Jenny

Red white nail polish

In this clip you can see a young woman showing off her sexy toes which are actualle wearing a red white polish. There’s this white french tip and the rest of the nail is kept in red.

This one is part two: She keeps showing off her sexy red white toes in her black plateau sandals.

Foot care tutorial

This nice video shows a young girl doing some foot care. She scrubs her skin and her nails and prepares them for the summer – it’s a tutorial with many close ups and very good views. Later she puts nailpolish on each of her sexy little toes.

Painting her toenails in a different way

Wow this girl actually tries a very new method to paint her sexy toenails. She gets down on the ground, rolls over to one side and really bends her leg so that her foot reaches over her shoulder and touches the ground just in front of her where she optimal can paint her toenails. She looks a bit like this snake lady but definitely a great way to put the nail polish on…

I want you to eat my toenails

If you ever hear your mistress asking you something like that you can be asured that she absolutely wants to humiliate and show you what you are for her. To eat her toenails would be more degrading than sucking her sweaty toes. You receive something that normally goes into the rubbish but she makes you eat it up – it has once been part of her feet, and imagine the scenario to eat and swallow it all up for her. Loyal slaves of course would execute any command they mistress give and I also think its a nice reward or present for some slaves too.

Toenail Cutting Tutorial

This video is a must see! You are shown how to clip toenails correctly and how to take care of them…

Cutting tonails

This one is very great! A girl is cutting her toenails in the class. Its a pitty that you don’t get a look on her feet and toes but instead of that you can see her laughing and clipping with full joy…

is toenail eating dangerous ?

To answer the question if eating toenails is dangerous we first have to take a look on the properties of toenails.
They consist of horn and death skin-cells, and those include Ceratine. This consists nothing healthy and nothing dangerous. But it could be dangerous to eat them anyway if you think about those sharp and acuate edges of a toenail. They could damage your innerstomach.